Start to code with Python - For Beginners

Includes several Python projects and loaded with code examples Learn how to code with Python perfect for Beginners

What you'll learn

  • How to write Python code
  • Create simple applications using Python Code
  • Learn the basics of Python and how it works
  • Setup a development environment and write Python Code


  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic programming understanding
  • Desire to learn more about Python


Python Online Course For Beginners online course to introduce beginners to writing Python code and creating applications.

Python is an excellent language to start programming with, its powerful and reality easy to get started with. You can see results and run the code right away and most computers require very little setup to start coding.

Includes several Python projects and loaded with code examples , you will travel through every essential element of programming and understand how the entire programming of python really works.

Python is perfect for both small and large scale projects. Designed to help programmers write clear and logical code made to be human readable.

Common uses for Python include, task automation, data analysis and visualization and development web applications. Due to the ease of getting started with Python it also gets commonly adopted by many non-programmers to help with tasks.

One of the most popular programming languages. Small learning curve, you can get started with Python quickly. Powerful and straightforward. So many people are learning Python, doing cool things and you can get started with Python quickly.

Python for Beginners - perfect language to learn how to code.

  • How to get setup and ready to code using Python, setup your development environment.
  • Start directly on your computer you already have everything you need to write Python
  • Python is perfect for both small and large scale projects
  • Code that is written is easy to read because of the use of indentation and object oriented approach.
  • Ease of getting started with Python - great for non programmers who want to learn
  • Small learning curve, you can get started with Python quickly
  • One of the most popular programming languages
  • Most PCs and Mac will come with Python installed already

So many people are learning Python, doing cool things and you can get started with Python quickly.

Help everyone learn coding -

How to setup your coding environment and start writing Python on your computer today.

Everything you need to know about Getting Started with Python Code

Walk through on the first steps to set up your computer to be ready to write Python code. How to install Python on a Mac and Windows Machine. How to set up and prepare your code editor for writing Python Code.

  1. Introduction to setting up your machine to write Python Code
  2. Mac OS and Windows install and Setup of Python
  3. Editor Setup for Coding Python.

Fundamentals of Coding with Python

Python uses indentation and how it works is that the indentation indicates a block of code. In Python indentation is very important.

  • Commenting in Python Code Multi line comments
  • Python Code Variables How to create variables and use them in code
  • Python Data Types Strings Integers Booleans Lists Sets Dictionaries
  • How to get the User input in the terminal and assign it to a variable
  • Project - Python Calculator
  • Project - Favorite Number Messages
  • Python How to apply logic with conditions
  • Project - Code bouncer allowed in or not?
  • Coding Loops and iterations while and for
  • Python Project Number Guessing Game
  • How Python Functions work
  • What is Python Lambda and how it works
  • Python Function Scope.
  • Python built in Methods
  • How to use Python Modules Create your own modules to use in your code

Coding Projects to you can create with Python

Get coding and creating simple projects with Python to practice what you've learned and develop your skills

  • Python Coding Project Countdown timer code
  • Python Coding Project Dice game in Python highest roll wins
  • Python Coding Project Rock Paper Scissors Python coding Game

Create a countdown timer

  • Create a function that will decrease a val
  • Using Modulus and Floor Division calculate the minutes and seconds
  • Create a string output value using format to structure it as minutes and seconds
  • Using the time module import the sleep method slowing the output with a 1 second delay
  • Subtract from the total seconds
  • Once the while loop completes print the time is up and invoke the start function again
  • Create a starting function that gets the users inputs for the countdown timer in total seconds. Check if the input is numeric if it is send the total second value to the countdown function

Dice game in Python

Play against the computer, role the dice get a random value and see who scores more. The highest role wins the game. Perfect game to practice and learn more about using random in game logic, and applying conditions to check for a winner

  • Import the random module
  • Setup default variables for score and set the values of the roles from min to max.
  • Create a function to house the game coding
  • Setup a while loop that will run the block of game code
  • Game code generates random values for both the player and computer.
  • Apply conditions to check who wins
  • Output the feedback and results to the player. Keeping score of the rounds.
  • Allow player to exit and end game

Rock Paper Scissors Python coding Game

Rock paper scissors, played between the player and the computer. Setup the game make a selection and see who wins. Rock beats Scissors and crushes them, Paper covers the rock and wins, Scissors can cut up the paper to win.

  • Import the random module
  • Setup the default values and array
  • Create the gameplay function
  • Create a loop within the gameplay function
  • Get the user selection and generate a random selection for the computer
  • Apply logic to see who wins
  • Let the player exit the game or go for another round.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to coding Python
  • Anyone who wants to write code
  • Anyone who is looking to start coding
  • Everyone who enjoys coding applications

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